Radical Entertainment

Projects shipped at Radical Entertainment between 2002 to 2010
From 2002 - 2010 I worked at Radical Entertainment in a variety of positions. Starting as a worldbuilder I was drawn to increasingly technical positions on the art team, eventually landing as lead prop artist on Crash Bandicoot.
It was a challenging and exciting position as props were the go-between assets linking environments and characters with macro and meta gameplay. Here I could use my early experience with modeling, texturing, animating, and lighting with newer skills like visual effects,  rigging, and scripting on a daily basis.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant
Pre-vis frequently used to hash out and communicate ideas quickly without taxing the team's pre-production resources. With just text and a little rough animation the sentry pre-vis from Mind Over Mutant made a convincing argument for combining existing wake & projectile behaviours from Crash of The Titans. Turrets aren't new but for the little effort it took, the clip demonstrated their high impact/low effort value in a Crash title.

While collaborating with the code & design teams, props often spent considerable time in a rough art pass as underlying tech and design needs were iterated. This made predefined specs really important for cranking out polished content later, to say nothing of general benefits like accurate memory & rendering estimates. For the design & code teams, specs offered a smoother path when integrating final assets. For the art team it meant we could use the specs to sketch in key features & spend the majority of our concept cycle having fun with the overall visual design. It also meant we could standardize geo, textures, and FX (when possible) for quick revision late in the project.
CMOM Sentry Roll
Rollover for wireframe and lighting
More details to come...
Crash: Mind Over Mutant & Crash of the Titans
Generic Props
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Arena Props
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Arena Props
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COTT Progress
CMOM Save Marker
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CMOM Sentry Toilet
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CMOM Sentry Vacuum
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CMOM Crash's
House Props
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The Simpsons: Hit & Run
The Simpson's Living Room
Bart's Room
Springfield Elementary
Moe's Tavern
The Android's Dungeon
The Springfield Observatory
Landmark Interiors
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