Enviro WIP #2

A quick test of a layered shader just set up for the Granville & Pender project. Hadn't played around with Mental Ray shaders (outside noodling with default parameters) so although this took a bit longer than anticipated it was a great intro to constructing more customized shaders in Maya.

Enviro WIP #1

I've got about 3 projects on the go (... plus the sketchbook exchange) and this is one of them. I decided to model the corner of Pender and Granville in Vancouver. The corner has a good mix of heritage and modern buildings; great for a little environment practice. More renders and info after the jump.

Wallfowlers - Entry 2

Didn't have a huge amount of free time this month so my Wallfowlers entry wasn't quite as involved as I'd wanted. I also tried some Letraset markers I'd been wanting to get my mitts on for some time with mixed results. The ballpoint did not play nice with the marker solvents so I couldn't blend and layer the marker like I'd hoped. Remember kids, always test swatch before trying new materials!