2005 Peugeot 307 Hatchback

Dusted off an old project last month and decided to start fresh with it. Ditched the low poly model & used the layout curves as a base for some hard surface modelling. Gleaned some good habits, wrote a couple little scripts, and found an excuse to learn some un-flash Mental Ray stuff.

Quick AO & wireframe render of the WIP. Still need to finish minor detailing and a greyblock interior but otherwise good to go.

Wallfowlers Entries 4 & 5

Moving was as disruptive to productivity as anticipated and after 6 weeks my office is finally set up, somewhat organized, and largely free of cardboard. Aaron and Brando's Wallfowler sketchbooks were much needed distractions to the chaos.
Aaron's "Mechanical Animals"
Brando's "Urban Myths"

For Demo Purposes Only

After a couple weeks of editing and rendering I published a demo reel Wednesday, for the first time since college in 2002. My recent stuff is work in progress but the clip is a good synopsis of my 3D portfolio in 90 seconds.

You can check it out below and on my About / Resume page.

Wallfowlers - Entry 3

This month's Wallfowlers entry I whipped up this weekend. Much closer to the results I've been wanting now that I have the right materials (switched from ballpoint to fine-tip pens at Ian's suggestion). Next month I'll play with more marker layering.

Enviro WIP #2

A quick test of a layered shader just set up for the Granville & Pender project. Hadn't played around with Mental Ray shaders (outside noodling with default parameters) so although this took a bit longer than anticipated it was a great intro to constructing more customized shaders in Maya.

Enviro WIP #1

I've got about 3 projects on the go (... plus the sketchbook exchange) and this is one of them. I decided to model the corner of Pender and Granville in Vancouver. The corner has a good mix of heritage and modern buildings; great for a little environment practice. More renders and info after the jump.

Wallfowlers - Entry 2

Didn't have a huge amount of free time this month so my Wallfowlers entry wasn't quite as involved as I'd wanted. I also tried some Letraset markers I'd been wanting to get my mitts on for some time with mixed results. The ballpoint did not play nice with the marker solvents so I couldn't blend and layer the marker like I'd hoped. Remember kids, always test swatch before trying new materials!