Enviro WIP #2

A quick test of a layered shader just set up for the Granville & Pender project. Hadn't played around with Mental Ray shaders (outside noodling with default parameters) so although this took a bit longer than anticipated it was a great intro to constructing more customized shaders in Maya.

Previous attempts didn't turn out so hot driving everything through a single mia_material_x_passes shader. My earlier attempts used Maya layered texture nodes, however they didn't play so hot when layering normal maps (the layered texture wouldn't output normal info, only bump value). Having fought all day Friday and Monday, I found a solution using the mib_color_mix node this morning. Instead of layering textures the solution was to layer materials. Success!
The result isn't perfect but gets me to 90% of where I wanted. Although I don't get unique RGB colour in my spec map with this setup, the textures are constructed similarly to what I've worked with in the past; diffuse + alpha , normal, & spec (the latter driving specular value, reflectivity, and gloss through R, G, & B channels respectively).

Later I'll hook up my baked ambient occlusion maps but having spent the better part of 3 days on this I'm content to leave it and get back to the fun of painting textures.

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