Enviro WIP #1

I've got about 3 projects on the go (... plus the sketchbook exchange) and this is one of them. I decided to model the corner of Pender and Granville in Vancouver. The corner has a good mix of heritage and modern buildings; great for a little environment practice. More renders and info after the jump.
It's taken a good 2 months gathering all the reference and putting things together. So far I've been using Google Street View, a Skyscraper Database, Vancouver's zoning and topographic map (thx Megan!), and a handful of reference photos from back in the fall.
Street view's been really handy to fill out the gaps between the photo reference and map data. The only drawbacks using it as accurate reference have been warping, image quality, and the three year old Street View images. I can happily work with the warping and varying image quality but it's been quite a bit more difficult to build Granville as the road was closed for Olympic construction when they did the drive by. I'm hoping they update it but I can always run down there and take a more photos when I'm desperate.
Pretty happy with this so far. I've been laying out and stripping UV's as I go so I can concentrate on texturing next week.

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